What is a Weighted Blanket?

In it’s simplest form, a weighted blanket is just that: a blanket that is intentionally heavier than a standard blanket.

How Does it Feel?

The deep pressure sensation of a weighted blanket covering the body is like a massage, and has been described by some to be like “a big hug”. The deep pressure is relaxing and calming, which is especially useful for sleep.

Whats the Science behind it?

Studies have shown weighted blankets can increase serotonin and melatonin while also decreasing cortisol. This is why weighted blankets produce calm and peacefulness, as well as improve cognitive functioning in children and adults of all ages.

Why is it more expensive than a regular blanket or comforter?

The price we give out is our perceived value of our product. We are very proud and confident that our weighted blankets can help people reduce their stress and anxiety. We do not cut corners in terms of cost which is one of the reasons we have gone with bamboo-cotton and micro-glass beads as compared to lesser quality options.

What Size Should I Get?

We currently offer 4 sizes:

Kids (7lbs 40x60in) - Ideal for kids between 30-80lbs
Adult (15lbs 72x48in) - Ideal for individual sleepers up to 200lbs
Full (20lbs 80x60in) - Ideal for heavier/taller individual sleepers up to 250lbs
King/Queen (30lbs 90x90in) - Ideal for couples or individuals over 200lbs

We encourage you to order a blanket that fits your body instead of fitting your bed. 

Why should I pre-order?

We encourage our users to pre-order to ensure that you will receive your blankets and that your order will be prioritized in the delivery process.

How do I wash it?

The weighted blanket is just like a duvet filling. There is no need to wash the blanket itself as it comes with a removable duvet cover which is machine washable. However, if you wish to wash the weighted blanket itself, we recommend spot cleaning.

When will I get my order?

Our Logistics Partners will send you an SMS or Email message on the day of your delivery. We hope to clear all monthly deliveries by the 25th of each month.

I Ordered Items with different delivery periods, when will I get my order?

If multiple items were ordered with different delivery dates, we will deliver your items in one shipment and wait until all items can be delivered at once.

What is your refund policy?

Blanket Hugs does not offer any refunds for late orders to arrive within 31 days of the expected delivery date or month. Deliveries over 31 days late of the ETA on your order are eligible for a refund.

Customers are only allowed to return their items in the rare case of an incorrect item being delivered.